2019 Spring Tournament – VFW Fundraiser

B2 Mixed
Gold    Ron Spicer and Anne Swearinger
Silver   Steve Hay and Donna Hannah
Bronze Mike and Tina DeLoncker

B1 Mixed
Gold    Chuck and Shari Haller
Silver   Sharon and Bill Busch
Bronze Renee Baker and Rick Nickerson

B1 Women
Gold    Linda Seidel and Shari Haller
Silver   Dee Foster and Renee Baker
Bronze Dori McFarland and Debbie Archakis

B1 Men
Gold    Chuck Haller and Steve Baker
Silver   Ron Dalrymple and Jim Seidel
Bronze Bill Busch and Mark Tudor

A2 Mixed
Gold    Dan Cataldi and Pat Snyder
Silver   Robert DeMasellis and Judy Anderson
Bronze Steve Buckley and Karen Birch

A2 Women
Gold    Jena Settles and Julie Langlas
Silver   Sue Van Campen and Pat Snyder
Bronze Gail Reed and Carol Moore

A2 Men
Gold    Dan Cataldi and Bob DeMasellis
Silver   Bob Waddle and Tom Archakis
Bronze Thomas Varillas and Amos Hatch

A1 Mixed
Gold    David Brigham and Angie Allen
Silver   Harold Dunbar and Dawn Bray
Bronze Jim Hyne and Julie Langlas

A1 Men
Gold    Jim Hyne and Ben Campbell
Silver   Tom Payne and Pete Young
Bronze Mark Williams and Rob Stilwell