Revised July 28, 2015

Article I – Name

The name of this organization shall be the Tellico Village Pickleball Club (TVPC).

Article II – Purpose

The TVPC is a social organization formed to provide a fun, friendly and healthy recreational activity for all TVPC members.

Article III – Membership

Section 1:   All members of Tellico Village Wellness Center, in good standing, are eligible to become members.

Section 2:   Members shall abide by the TVPC’s Bylaws, Policies and Procedures and will have the opportunity to actively support and participate in TVPC functions. Membership entitles each member a vote for TVPC Officers and Directors and for Bylaw changes as further defined in Article VII and Article IX of these Bylaws.

Section 3:   Annual dues established by the Board of Directors (BoD) for the period from the first day of July through the last day of June, shall be required for full participation as a member of the TVPC.

Section 4:   Membership in the TVPC shall be terminated by voluntary withdrawal, nonpayment of dues or POA assessments, violation of the provisions of these Bylaws, or violation of Policies and Procedures promulgated by the TVPC, TVPOA and the Recreation Department.

Article IV – Board of Directors

Section 1:   The BoD shall consist of four elected Officers and 3 elected Directors of the TVPC, namely, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Social Activities, Director of Training and Director of Evaluations.

Any member of the TVPC who is a member of the Tellico Village Recreation Department is eligible for election to any of these positions.

Section 2:   The BoD shall have the overall governing authority, consistent with the TVPC Bylaws and shall appoint Committee Chairpersons deemed necessary to carry out the functions and objectives of the TVPC. The BoD shall also be responsible for providing a description of the duties of each appointed Chairperson.

While the BoD may appoint committee members, it will generally be left to the appointed committee Chairperson to select the members of his/her committee.

Section 3:   The terms of the elected Officers and Directors shall be for two years commencing the first day of March through the last day of February; except that for the first election after adoption of these Bylaws, and for the purpose of continuity for future BoDs, the President, Treasurer and Director of Training shall be elected for a two year term and the Vice-President, Secretary, Social Director and Director of Evaluations shall be elected for a one year term. After that election all elective positions will be for a two year term.

Appointments to any Board of Director vacancies will be made by a majority vote of the BoD at the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting. Said appointment will remain in place until the next election as described in Article VII – Election Procedures. The Appointee shall meet the requirements of Article IV, Section 1.

Article V – Duties of Officers


Shall assume club leadership, preside at all monthly meetings and may call special meetings as needed. The President will generally be a spokesperson for the TVPC. He/she shall also be responsible for issuing Policies and Procedures for TVPC activities to be approved by the BoD.


Shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence and generally assist the Club in all functions as necessary.


Shall collect dues and fees, disburse all funds as approved by the BoD and provide an oral and written financial report at each scheduled monthly BoD meeting and also provide a written financial report at the annual general meeting in February.

As the President has bank authority, the President shall assume duties of the

Treasurer in the Treasurer’s absence.


Shall take minutes of the TVPC’s scheduled monthly BoD meetings and Special or Emergency meetings, and shall distribute copies as soon as possible to the BoD for review and approval at the next scheduled meeting.

In the event of his/her absence the Treasurer or any member that is designated by the President or Vice-President shall perform this function.

Shall maintain historical records of the TVPC, such as monthly BoD minutes, minutes of Special or Emergency meetings, Bylaws and revisions, pickleball policies and procedures and other formal documents of the TVPC necessary for historical purposes. The minutes taken at Special or Emergency meetings called for the purpose of the BoD discussion of personnel matters that are closed to the membership of the TVPC shall be retained in a confidential manner, separate from all other minutes.

Director of Social Activities:

Shall be responsible for the organization of social events in order to encourage social interaction among all TVPC members.

Director of Training:

Shall be responsible for establishing and conducting viable training programs for all the members of the TVPC. The BoD must approve all programs.

Shall organize a group of instructors to assist with various training programs. Shall conduct training classes for novice players

Shall establish training clinics for all TVPC members interested in improving their pickleball skills and assign qualified instructors to assist in the training program.

Director of Evaluation: 

Shall establish criteria for review of the playing skills for placement and advancement of TVPC members. These criteria will be reviewed and approved by the BoD.

Shall recruit and train a group of Evaluators for the purpose of reviewing the playing skills of TVPC members.

Shall review the evaluations to determine if the members will be advanced.

Article VI – Meetings

Section 1:      The BoD shall meet on a monthly basis or for Special or Emergency meetings called by the President. A majority of the BoD must be in attendance to constitute a quorum for voting purposes. Notice of such meetings with an agenda will be made to all TVPC members at least one week prior to regular monthly meetings and with as much time as possible before all Special or Emergency meetings.

Section 2:   TVPC members will be encouraged to attend all meetings, except as noted below, for the purpose of understanding the actions that the BoD is taking on behalf of the members and for the members to present to the BoD any items of concern that may help improve the operation of the TVPC for all members.

Minutes of all meetings, except those Special or Emergency Meetings that pertain to discussions of personnel matters alluded to in Article IV Section 2, will be made available to all members of the TVPC.

TVPC members may not attend any Emergency or Special meetings that pertain to the BoD discussion of personnel matters regarding any member of the TVPC, including members of the BoD.

Section 3:     An annual general membership meeting shall be held February of each year for the primary purpose of electing officers and outlining general plans for the coming year. This important meeting will not be combined with any Social Activity. The date, location and time will be announced by the President at least four weeks prior to the actual meeting. A quorum shall consist of a majority of the BoD and 10% of the TVPC Membership including Proxy Votes.

Article VII– Election Procedures 

Section 1:      A Nominating Committee of at least three TVPC members shall be appointed by the President at least ninety days prior to the annual general membership meeting in February. The committee will be charged with soliciting, receiving and then announcing all the nominations for each office no later than thirty days prior to the annual general membership meeting. The Nominating Committee will also administer the election at this general meeting, tally the votes for each office and present the election results to the President.

Section 2:     All members of the TVPC are eligible for election to any of the seven elective positions described in Article IV, Section 1.

Section 3:    Upon receiving the tally of votes, the President will announce the results of the election at the annual general meeting.

If an office remains or later becomes unfilled, the BoD shall appoint a TVPC member of the Club to the vacant position. (Article IV Section 1 applies).

Article VIII – Fiscal Year 

The fiscal year of the TVPC shall start the first day of March and shall terminate the last day of February.

Article IX Amendments

Section 1:   Any member of the TVPC, in good standing, may propose an amendment to these Bylaws. The proposed amendment shall be delivered to the President in writing with supporting documentation, as needed.

Section 2: Within two months, the BoD at a regular meeting must vote the proposed amendment on. If approved, the proposed amendment shall then be presented to the TVPC membership for approval at a Special meeting called for such a purpose.

Notice of said meeting must be posted in writing at least 30 days in advance specifying the nature of the proposed amendment to be voted upon.

Section 3:    A two-thirds majority vote of the membership present, including proxy votes, shall be required to adopt any amendment to the Bylaws.

Article X – Conflict of Documents

In the case of any conflict between any part of these Bylaws and the Bylaws of the TVPOA or the Tellico Village Recreation Department, that part of these Bylaws shall be inoperative and must be amended to bring that part into compliance.

Article XI – Dissolution

On dissolution of the Club, all funds remaining in the treasury and any equipment purchased by or donated to the club shall be given to the Recreation Department for use as they deem necessary.

Any equipment loaned to the club will be returned to the lender.

This version of the Tellico Village Pickleball Club Bylaws, as amended, has been ratified by the Executive Committee.


Signed by:

President: Dan Dyer

Vice President: Jeff Dore

Secretary: Susan Love

Treasurer: Mamie Ringenbach

Social Director: Janet Winslow

Training Director: Jerry Ferguson

Evaluation Director: Ken Boydston