Winter Social Gives to Kids!

The winter social was extremely successful with lots of toys for the Toys for Tots program. The toys were distributed via the local Boys and Girls Club. And there were enough toys for each child to get two!

TVPBC Membership Renewal – $10

It’s time to renew your membership in the Tellico Village Pickleball Club. Dues remain $10. All members are encouraged to drop off their cash (or checks) at the Chota Rec Center, along with your name and any updated email or telephone information.  (New members who have joined since November 1st of this year will automatically renew with no additional fees.)  Renewals must be in by January 31st, 2020

Nominating Committee Update

In the coming year, the TVPBC board positions of President, Training Director, and Treasurer are are all coming up for election. The nominating committee of Bill Schmitt, Joan Bowen, Carol Moore have 3 excellent candidates for the 2020 board positions; President – Pat Clemens, Training Director – Dave Brigham, Treasurer – Karen Birch.

Evaluations Director changes

Speaking of dedicated club members stepping up to make a difference, Joan Bowen, in her capacity as Director of Evaluations, has been a singular and powerful force in stabilizing and enhancing that all-important function in our club.  Joan will be retiring from that position effective December 1st, and if you know Joan, you know that she’ll be sure that her replacements are up and completely ready to go.  So, effective December 1st, Linda Seidel will oversee the evaluations process for all C to B2 evaluations, B2 to B1 evaluations, and all B1 to A2 evaluations, while at that same time, Larry Moore will assume responsibility for all A2 to A1 evaluations plus all “fast-track” evaluations.  (The positions will stay in effect until the 2021 board elections.)  Thanks so much to Joan for all that she has done for the club, and best wishes and hopes to Larry and Linda as they step up to contribute their own time and talent for the good of the club.

Review the Evaluation/Promotion process HERE.

Courtside Update

Our supply of Onyx balls is getting close to running out, and the club will soon start replacing them with the new Franklin X40 balls. These balls will also be available for purchase (as opposed to borrowing from the canisters on the courts); just see Karen Birch if you’re interested.

Schedule Changes

The club has received a number of suggestions relating to changing our Schedule of Play, which currently runs through next May, 2020.  Once it receives a request in writing, the Board will consider and act on it at its next meeting, and any change will become effective the following month.



PLEASE sign in EVERY TIME that you come out to play, and make sure that everyone that you’re playing with also does the same.

And include the TIME, it’s also important!

Court usage will ultimately determine if, when, and how many more courts we’ll ever have. Yes, it’s THAT important.

Meet the “Lobster”

The Lobster Pickleball machine is the perfect practice partner, helping you improve your game with its capacity for random oscillation and speeds of up to 60 mph. It’s located in the storage box near courts 1-4. Complete operating instructions are posted. PLEASE follow the instructions when working out with the Lobster. Online manual –

Did You Know. . .

. . . that Pickleball Central offers us a 5% discount on anything purchased through them? Just use our discount code (CRTellico) to receive your discount.

. . . that the club has a Sunshine Committee formed just to let our members who are sick or injured know that we care about them?  Just drop a note to Dee O’Day ( to let her know of anyone who needs this kind of TLC.

. . . if you find a left-behind paddle on the courts, do NOT put it in the utility bin. Instead, take it to the Wellness Center desk. They will store the paddle, call the owner (if possible), and then check the ID of any person claiming the paddle as their own. And if you haven’t already put an ID label on your paddle, do it NOW!

. . . that the club has three resident USAPA Ambassadors?  Bill Mason, Mary Clor and Rich Karakis are all on hand and available to answer any questions and to promote the sport in any way we can.