Early Morning Court Availability (MONDAYS)

Effective Monday, March 23rd, all 8 courts will be closed on Monday’s until 8:30AM (Monday’s ONLY). Per the Rec Department, the landscaping crew is concerned for the safety of the players. This will allow them to clean off the courts before members start to play.

TVPBC Members take Bronze at Senior Olympics!

Angie Allen and Dave Brigham won Bronze in their age group at the Senior Olympics in Chattanooga last week. When you see them, give them a big CONGRATULATIONS!


Franklin X40 balls

Our supply of Onyx balls is getting close to running out, and the club will soon start replacing them with the new Franklin X40 balls. These balls will also be available for purchase (as opposed to borrowing from the canisters on the courts); just see Karen Birch if you’re interested.



PLEASE sign in EVERY TIME that you come out to play, and make sure that everyone that you’re playing with also does the same.

And include the TIME, it’s also important!

Court usage will ultimately determine if, when, and how many more courts we’ll ever have. Yes, it’s THAT important.

Did You Know. . .

. . . Lobster online manual – https://www.lobstersports.com/img/manuals/OM_pickle0418web.pdf

. . . that Pickleball Central offers us a 5% discount on anything purchased through them? Just use our discount code (CRTellico) to receive your discount.

. . . that the club has a Sunshine Committee formed just to let our members who are sick or injured know that we care about them?  Just drop a note to Dee O’Day (deeoday70@gmail.com) to let her know of anyone who needs this kind of TLC.

. . . if you find a left-behind paddle on the courts, do NOT put it in the utility bin. Instead, take it to the Wellness Center desk. They will store the paddle, call the owner (if possible), and then check the ID of any person claiming the paddle as their own. And if you haven’t already put an ID label on your paddle, do it NOW!

. . . that the club has three resident USAPA Ambassadors?  Bill Mason, Mary Clor and Rich Karakis are all on hand and available to answer any questions and to promote the sport in any way we can.