Fairfield Glade Challenge Cup is ON

Click HERE for details.

Skills & Drills Are Back On

John Reed, Director of Training, has announced that Skills & Drills are back on starting the week of January 14th. The sign up sheets have been updated accordingly.

TVPBC Board Meeting

The next TVPBC Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 22nd, at 9:00AM at the Chota Rec Center, Room D.

TVPBC Board Elections

Elections for three board positions that are open in 2019 will be held in February. Watch for more information shortly.

Boys & Girls Club

TVPBCBoysGirlsClub2018Thanks to our members for their play with the Boys and Girls Club in Loudon County! Check out the article in TheConnection HERE!

For the past few years, several of our members have been donating their time, treasure, and talents to the Lenoir City Boys & Girls Club teaching and playing pickleball with the kids  at least once / week during the winter months.  (It paid off well when one of the kids actually medalled in our Spring Tournament last year!) They are getting ready to crank up the program again this year, and if you think that you might be interested in volunteering in this program, you can let us know by signing up HERE.



Meet the “Lobster”

Just in time to help sharpen your game, the club has retired our “Simon” ball machine and replaced it with the “Lobster”. The Lobster Pickleball machine is the perfect practice partner, helping you improve your game with its capacity for random oscillation and speeds of up to 60 mph. It’s located in the same location where Simon lived with complete operating instructions posted. PLEASE follow the instructions when working out with the Lobster.

Winter Schedule Now Available

The Winter Schedule (December – February) is now available to view or print HERE.  The normal stacks of preprinted copies will be available at Chota and the Wellness Center. Here are a few noteworthy times:  First, the popular “Meet and Greet” social session for recent “C” graduates and all other “C” players will now take place on Saturdays from 12:00 – 2:00 on Courts 1-4.  Later on on Saturdays, from 4:00 – 6:00 on Courts 1-4, all military veterans of all skill levels are invited to play together.  These are both some really good sessions to participate in, and all eligible players should try to be there.

The TVPBC is Doing Good

Here are a few nice recent happenings:  First, thanks to the generosity of our members and a bit of rounding up by the club, the TVPBC was able to provide a very nice donation to the Library at Tellico Village that should help with its refurbishment from those recent floods. And in another bit of pleasant news, the Silent Auction that was held during the Fall Shootout also generated a nice amount of cash which the club rounded up to make a very nice donation to the Boys & Girls Club of Lenoir City.  Thanks again to all club members who contributed!

We’re Better Than That

Speaking of policies, the club has received some complaints about the use of loud and vulgar language on the courts, and all members are reminded that we need to refrain from this type of behavior when we’re all out there just trying to have fun.  To that end, our Policies DO state that play restriction may be imposed on violators, and a suspension (with minimum of 45 days) may also be imposed in extreme cases.

The same holds true for those players who choose to “water” some of the bushes behind the courts rather than simply crossing the parking lot and visiting the Wellness Center for relief.  (And if/when the Wellness Center is closed, the restrooms at the tennis courts are ALWAYS open.)


Yes, it’s cold, and yes, you may have to take your gloves off, but PLEASE sign in each and every time that you come out to play, and make sure that everyone that you’re playing with also does the same.  Court usage will ultimately determine if, when, and how many more courts we’ll ever have.

Did You Know. . .

. . . that our participation numbers will determine how quickly we get any additional courts to play on? PLEASE remember to sign in EVERY time that you come out to play.

. . . if you find a left-behind paddle on the courts, do NOT put it in the utility bin. Instead, take it to the Wellness Center desk. They will store the paddle, call the owner (if possible), and then check the ID of any person claiming the paddle as their own. And if you haven’t already put an ID label on your paddle, do it NOW!

Donate your old Pickleball Paddles to the club to be used for training new members. Email John Reed, johnrossreed@gmail.com

Cracked balls taken out of play are donated to a local youth group. Please do not squish or squash them.

When signing in each time you play on the courts, we are asking everyone to close the door to the mailbox after they sign in. Most of the time it is not a big deal but when it rains the sheets get wet.