Sign up for B1, B2 or C Drills during May-Sept.  Thursdays 5-7 PM.  Learn about patience, keep rally going, dinks and strategies and more!  We have a good time; come and learn!  (See Drills Signup form on this site, under Sign-Ups). If you are having problems signing up using an iPad or iPhone, do so on a computer.

Beginning May 1st, Marianthe, Susan Wise and Kathy McKay will do a Meet and Greet with the C players on Mondays from 7 PM to 9 PM.  This time slot will replace the C round robin on the summer schedule.

When signing in each time you play on the courts, we are asking everyone to close the door to the mailbox after they sign in. Most of the time it is not a big deal but when it rains the sheets get wet

  • A2 Skills and Drills are on Monday, beginning in May-Sept from 12-2 PM with Gary Stechmesser as trainer.
  • The 2017 TVPBC Fall Shootout is tentatively scheduled for Sept 29-Oct 1st. Mark your calendars. Details to follow
  • Next Board Meeting is Tuesday, June 27th at Choto Center at 9 AM. Agenda to follow.
















  • SKILLS AND STRATEGIES – Sign up online – Forms are available on the website for signups now.
  • ROUND ROBINS (RR) FOR ALL LEVELS!!! Check new Fall schedule for the Social RR that begin on 9/1/2016.
  • Our club is growing – new member training already have over 100 trained or scheduled to be trained!