PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS — The USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) is the governing body for pickleball in the U.S.  This organization provides players with official rules, tournaments, rankings, and promotional materials. — The International Pickleball Teaching Professional Organization (IPTPA) is committed to certifying and raising the teaching standards of the pickleball teaching professional. — The International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) was organized to perpetuate the growth and advancement of Pickleball throughout the world. — The World Pickleball Federation (WPF) is the governing body for the sport of pickleball around the world.
SUPPORT SERVICES — Pickleball Rocks is a general information site dedicated to helping grow the sport of pickleball. — The Pickleball Channel provides a variety of videos, from training, to tips, to actual championship matches. — The PBX Club provides a series of informational podcasts on and about pickleball. — Winning Pickleball provides a series of instructional videos by Merk Friedenberg
VENDORS  — Prolite paddles are all made in the USA and are available with wholesale prices, no tax, and a lifetime warranty.  Janet Winslow is a local rep for Prolite here in Tellico Village and you can contact her at to order or request a demo paddle.  — Buy directly from our local Paddletek rep, Paul Slay, who has a large selection of paddles available.  Contact Paul at or 865-599-2132.  Paul is also IPTPA certified for clinics and lessons.  Ask for $5 off paddles for TVPBC members. — 10% discount for TVPBC members. Free shipping on all orders. Contact Jeff Dore, representative for Head paddles here in Tellico Village, at 865-603-4858 to order or request a demo paddle. — Selkirk is a very popular brand and has been a long-time supporter of the TVPBC.  The company is known for its wide range of paddle sizes and styles and for introducing the latest advancements in paddle technology. — All of Engage’s line of USA-manufactured Encore paddles meet the USAPA guidelines for both power and spin and are approved for all sanctioned play.  Enter discount code tvpc101 and get 25% off their Encore paddles. — Third Shot Sports is a commercial pickleball training provider that will set up clinics, provide one-on-one training, etc. for any interested group or organization. — Pickleball Central is a comprehensive online vendor of pickleball paddles, balls, clothing, nets, etc.  It offers a variety of brands of all items and offers a 5% discount to members of the Tellico Village Pickleball Club (Discount Code: CRTellico).