Tellico Village Pickleball Policies and Procedures

  1. Fees: Annual, daily, and guest fees are to be paid at the front desk of the Chota Recreation Center/Wellness Center prior to play. Multiple visit passes may be available at a discount. Members are to pay dues promptly before March 1st.
  1. Check-in: All players are required to complete the inside or outside sign-in sheets as appropriate. Property owners and guests are also requested to sign-in at the front desk and court so that court usage can be determined.
  1. Dress Code: Proper pickleball attire is expected on the pickleball courts. Clothing considered in poor taste, such as bathing suits, bikini tops, cut-offs, men’s tank tops, etc., should not be worn. Shirts must be worn at all times. Proper court shoes, which will not mark or damage the court surface, are required.
  1. Court Usage: Pickleball courts may only be used for playing pickleball or its instruction.
  • Scheduled Play: Scheduled play is open to Pickleball Club members only. Specific group scheduled times will be posted on the Club’s bulletin board at the Wellness Center Pickleball Courts. Copies are available at the front desk of the recreation center.
  • Open Play: Open play times are for all Tellico Village Property Owners and their guests. Guest fees must be paid and liability forms completed at the Chota Recreation Center or the Wellness Center.
  1. Player Skill Levels: Player skill levels may be assessed to determine player abilities at the discretion of designated club officers. Guidelines established for advancement to a specific group can be found on the pickleball website
  1. Court Reservations: Individuals may reserve one or two courts at the Chota Recreation Center or at the Wellness Center up to fourteen days in advance. Reservations for two courts shall only be made if the person calling has enough players for both courts and provides two names.The reservations may be made for up to two hours of court time during open play times.

Special occasion court reservations for tournaments, leagues, team practices, social events, instructions, and other functions must be made in advance by the direction of the Board and coordinated with the Chota Recreation Center or Wellness Center.- ?. Specify the event, participants, desired dates and times, at least two weeks beforehand.

  1. Bulletin Board: A Pickleball Club bulletin board is adjacent to the courts. Look for useful pickleball information there, including schedules, promotions, events?, and news. Pickleball notices can be placed in the designated envelope inside at the front desk or by contacting our bulletin board manager.
  1. Court Etiquette: Above all, please show common courtesy, observe proper decorum, and give respect to everyone. Examples follow:
  • Please refrain from vulgar or offensive language, and excessive arguments. Offenders will be asked to leave and a temporary play restriction may be imposed on the player/s as deemed necessary by the president of the Pickleball Club or his/her designated official. Such incidents will be immediately reported to the Chota Recreation Center manager or the Club President.
  • Please limit court noise (includes players and spectators).
  • Please arrive promptly to play on scheduled group days.
  • Please wear a nametag during scheduled play.
  • Please leave the court promptly when your court time expires if others have reserved the court.

Please keep courts clean, uncluttered, and safe for play.

  • Hang outside court rollers and brooms on back side of bleachers when not in use
  • Properly dispose of trash. Keep glass and other breakable containers off the courts.
  • Place pickleballs in the canisters when not in use.
  • Return fans to the storage area, to include electrical cords if used.
  • Keep chairs and spectators off courts during group play.
  • Secure all personal items outside the fence.

During scheduled playing times, all members of the designated skill level are expected   to participate in rotational play. If there are courts not being utilized while your group is   playing during scheduled time, any club member of a “different level” can use the open courts, as long as your group does not need them. If players from your group come late, then that open court must be made available to them, if they desire to use it.

  • Please clearly PRINT your name, date, and time on the sign-in sheets located in the court mailboxes.
  • If you are asked to join another group’s game, in order to make a foursome, remember that it is temporary, and you can fill in only until another player from that level arrives. When your game is finished, you must sit out. At all times, the scheduled group has the prerogative to decide whether or not you may play with them.
  • Please secure the padlock on the gate by the bleachers at the end of the day if no other players are present. This is for insurance purposes and to help prevent vandalism.
  1. Alcoholic Beverages: Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the court or on the The Wellness Center premises.?
  1. Emergency Procedures: Determine if the individual is in need of first aid (ice, bandages, etc.) or an ambulance. Report the injury to the front desk attendant. Be sure to let the staff member know about the nature, location, and severity of the injury. If necessary, the staff member will call an ambulance. Some medical supplies are in a red bag in cabinet in the gated storage area next to court 4.
  2. *Training: New students are required to attend training classes as determined by the Training Director. In order for students to be eligible for membership in the club and assigned a skill level of “C” or higher, a student must be able to demonstrate an acceptable level of proficiency in basic skills and rules, as determined by the instructors.

Outdoor Pickleball Considerations

  1. Combination Locks: Gates are locked to help deter vandalism or improper use of pickleball courts. Players should ensure that courts are locked upon their departure. A combination code is available only to paid annual pickleball members.
  1. Lights: Lights require a warm up period before reaching full power. Pickleball court lights must be turned off by 10:00 PM.
  1. Pickleball Equipment: A plastic bin containing pickleball paddles and emergency medical items is located in the gated storage area next to court 4.
  1. Lost Items: Anyone finding personal items left behind should place them in the lost and found plastic bin located in the big brown storage bins next to court 4.

Indoor Pickleball Considerations

  1. Equipment: An equipment box is located in the storage room in the gym. The key to the storage room is at the Chota Recreation Center desk. Please return all equipment to the storage box, lock the storage room and return the key and the sign-in sheets to the front desk.
  1. Exits: Please do not exit any doorways adjacent to the gym. They are all armed with alarms and an unintentional exit will result in a visit to the gym by the Fire Department.
  1. Open Gym Sharing: Be courteous by sharing the gym immediately if other sports’ players want to use space during open gym time.


Approved by the Executive Board on May 24, 2016 President- Jeff Dore

Vice-President- Rich Karakis Secretary- Susan Love Treasurer- Mamie Ringenbach

Training Director-Gerald Grekowicz Evaluations Director-Ken Boydston

Social Chairman-Janet Winslow

  • denotes change made see #11