Tellico Village Pickleball Club (TVPBC) Policies and Procedure

Revised 9/24/2018

  1. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the premises.
  2. Membership requirements
    • Wellness Center membership or Tellico Village resident/property owner (see 3. Dues/Fees)
    • current paid-in-full TVPBC dues
    • skill level assignment (see item 7. Player Skill Levels) or prior-experience evaluation
  3. Dues/Fees
    • $10/calendar year
    • payment deadline is January 31st of current year
    • non-payment of dues by deadline will result in membership termination. Email notification of termination will be sent.
    • $5 reinstatement fee will be assessed if membership is paid after January 31st
    • new members joining after November 1st to pay $10 dues covering remainder of current year and following calendar year
    • Dues to be paid at Chota Recreation Center front desk or mailed to: TVPBC c/o Chota Rec Center 145 Awohili Drive, Loudon, TN 37774
    • Board of Directors may raise dues with 30-day written notice to the membership
    • players who are not Wellness Center members, regardless of Club membership status, must pay daily guest fees or use current valid guest passes
    • daily guest fees (guest passes) to be paid/presented at the front desk of the Wellness Center prior to play
  4. Check-in
    • non-members, property owners and guest must sign in at the Wellness Center front desk prior to play
    • all players, members, property owners and guests must sign-in (name and skill designation) on the outside sing-in sheet located in the mailbox adjacent to both sets of courts
  5. Dress Code
    • wearing of name tags encouraged
    • proper outdoor court attire (shorts, sweat pants, leggings, tights, sweatshirts, t-shirts, athletic bras, warm-ups)
    • shirts must be worn at all times
    • not allowed; men’s tank tops, bathing suits, bikini tops, cut-off jeans
    • proper court shoes
    • not allowed: dark-soled shoes or other soles that mark courts, sandals, open-toed shoes
  6. Court Usage
    • Schedules Play (Club members only)
      • skill-level group times are posted on seasonal online schedule (, on the court bulletin board and at Chota and Wellness Center front desks
    • Open-to-Reserve (Club members, property owners)
      • up to 14 days in advance call Wellness Center (865-458-7070) or Chota Recreation Center (865-458-6779) during hours of operation
      • 2 court/2 hour maximum (two names required)
      • guest fees paid and guest waivers signed at Wellness Center font desk prior to play
    • Open Play (Wellness Center closed)
      • applies to all Club members, Wellness Center members, Tellico Village residents, property owners and guests: no reservations
      • Special Events – advance approval by the Club Board of Directors and Rec Department required
    • Private Group Play (Open-to-Reserve time)
      • Private group play is discouraged when play is concurrent with scheduled Skill Level time (e.g. private group is composed of A1 players and playing time coincides with scheduled A1 time).
  7. Player Skill Levels
    • player skill level designation is required during group play times
    • specific definitions for each skill level can be found under the “advancement policy”  link on the Club website (
    • initial skill level will be determined at New Player Orientation Class (players with limited or no experience) or by evaluation by designated club members (new players having prior experience)
    • players with limited playing experience must attend the New Player Orientation Class before joining the TVPBC. Signup for Class can be accessed thru the New Player link on the TVPBC website (
    • players with prior experience should contact Training Director or Evaluations Director to schedule skill level evaluation.
  8. Court Etiquette
    • show common courtesy and respect for all players
    • limit court noise (includes players and spectators)
    • no spectators on courts during play
    • arrive promptly for scheduled group times
      • designated skill level players have priority during their specific group times
      • other skill levels may play on unoccupied courts 15 minutes after group time begins
      • should designated skill level players arrive, non-designated skill level players must forfeit court(s)
    • leave the court promptly when your court time expires
    • exit courts by outside gates to avoid interrupting play in progress
    • when courts are full and players are waiting, use paddle rack system to determine next-to-play (see posted instructions court-side)
    • refrain from vulgar/offensive language and excessive arguing
      • offenders will be asked to leave
      • temporary play restriction may be imposed
      • incident will be reported to the Wellness Center
      • suspension (minimum 45 days) may be imposed in extreme cases
      • expulsion from the club after a letter sent to offending payer may occur in extreme cases
  9. Facilities
    • keep courts clean, uncluttered, and safe for play
      • secure all personal items outside the fence
      • hang court rollers and brooms on hooks on back side of bleachers when not in use
      • hang wet towels on fences and/or bleachers to dry
      • return dried towels to storage bins as soon as possible
      • properly dispose of trash
      • keep glass and other breakable containers off the courts
    • pickleballs are supplied by the club
      • return pickleballs to canisters between courts after use
      • members may supply their own balls if desired
    • storage bins are located outside the courts at each end
      • extra pickleballs, towels for drying courts, first aid kits and lost and found located in bins
    • return Simon ball machine to the designated storage bin after use
    • turn off fans and lights before leaving premises
    • no play after 10:00pm
    • secure padlocks on all gates at end of day/night play
      • combination code is available to club members
    • bulletin board with schedules, promotions, events, and news is located next to the equipment cage
      • postings may be added with permission of Board of Directors
  10. Emergency Procedures
    • first aid kit is located in storage box on courts at each end
    • injured player protocol
      • report all injuries to Wellness Center staff
      • determine if ice, water, rest, first aid or ambulance is needed
      • if necessary, call 911 or ask Wellness Center staff to call an ambulance
  11. Indoor Pickleball Courts
    • located in Chota Recreation Center gymnasium
    • portable pickleball nets/balls located in gym storage closet
    • obtain key to storage closet at Rec Center front desk
    • observe current Rec Center gym activity schedule

Approved by the Executive Board on September 24, 2018 President- Rich Karakis

Vice-President- Pete Young Secretary- Jane Jones Treasurer- Karen Birch

Training Director-John Reed Evaluations Director-Joan Bowen

Social Chairman-Jacquie Connor