Welcome to the Tellico Village Pickleball Club

Pickleball is a game that is very similar to tennis but uses a smaller court, a paddle and a plastic ball. It is a easy game to learn and most new players are playing after just a few lessons. In addition, we play in groups where the players have similar skill levels.

Come Join Us! The lessons are free and we provide all the equipment. Check out our Facebook page or the New Player page to learn more about the game and our club.

President’s Message 2016

CourtsUpThis year marks 11 years since Bob Cherry presented the idea of playing pickleball in Tellico Village. Through his efforts, followed by a host of other dedicated volunteers, pickleball grew from a dozen players to the current Club of over 400 players on eight tournament-sized dedicated courts in a beautiful setting across from the Wellness Center.

Pickleball is catching up with the popularity of golf and tennis in Tellico Village. Many people looking to move to Tellico Village are doing so because of our state-of-the-art pickleball facility. This game is a combination of techniques used in badminton, ping-pong, and tennis. The game is played on a badminton-sized court and uses a paddle instead of a racket. Paddles come in different materials and weight distribution to match with a player’s needs. Pickleball is a craze amongst the residents of Tellico Village because it’s a game that is ideal for seniors who cannot play tennis because of injuries. However, because it is the fastest growing sport in America, it is being played by people of all ages and the popularity is widespread throughout the country. The game is fast enough to offer sufficient physical and mental exercise without being strenuous. Social interaction and fellowship is a great benefit to playing pickleball in Tellico Village.

As the 10th largest Pickleball Club in the world (over 450 members), The Tellico Pickleball Club (TVPC) is an athletic and social organization, focusing on the playing of pickleball, while providing exercise, development of skills, and social interaction for the residents of Tellico Village. We want to ensure that we continue to attract NEW members to the Club and that we are meeting the needs of all skill levels and social interaction expectations. TVPC is proud of our eight tournament-sized dedicated courts in a beautiful setting across from the Wellness Center. This success has come from two sources: our Property Owners’ Association (POA) and our volunteers. The POA committed the funds to build the eight courts in 2014 and the growing group of volunteers within the Club really pulls everything together.

Anyone interested in picking up the game can attend various training sessions that are scheduled on a monthly basis. Here, qualified instructors help beginners to pick up the basics of the game, while intermediate/advanced players are assigned a level to play with similar skill level people during daily play sessions. Most instructors give players the freedom to come up with their own lesson plan, by suggesting a skills and strategy session that is available each week based on skill level. As you progress through the different skill levels, you begin to get coaching in the advanced techniques including strategies. Like everything else at Tellico Village, pickleball offers many varieties of play experiences from purely social to highly competitive. Come out and participate in the fastest growing sport in America. I think you will enjoy the game.  Whether your interests are social play, round-robin format, inter-league play, monthly socials or skill-level tournaments, TVPC offers it all!

IMG_0438Don’t miss out on this opportunity as we look forward to introducing everyone to Pickleball. See you on the courts! I can be reached at 865-603-4858 or my email.

Jeff Dore, President,

Tellico Village Pickleball Club