Tellico Village PIckleball Club

Officers and Directors

Gary Sawicki, President


Our President assumes club leaddership, presides at all monthly meetings, and may call special meetings as needed. The president will generally be a spokesperson. He or she shall also be responsible for issuing policies and procedures for activites approved by the Board of Directors.



Bruce LaCour, Vice President



Our Vice-President assumes the duties of the president in his or her absence, chairs the Competition Committee in the oversight, organization, and directions of tournaments, leagues, and other competitive pickleball activities. The VP also assists the club in all other functions as necessary.

Don MacLeod, Treasurer



Our Treasurer records income and expenses related to banking and provides monthly financial reports, as well as the end of year report. The treasurer also orders pickleballs, maintains the membership list (adding new members, recording dues payments and promotions of players, and deleting unpaid players from the roster), and provides a monthly list of promotions posted at the courts.

Steve McCormick, Evaluations Director


Our Evaluations Director oversees the evaluations for advancement. These include Round Robins and Fast Tracking for experienced players who are new to the club and need to be rated and placed in a level.

Matt Frederick, Training Director

Our Training Director is responsible for establishing and conducting viable training programs, which include the following:

  • organizing coordinators to assist with training programs
  • organizing instructors to assist with training programs
  • conducting orientation classes for new and novice players
  • establishing Skills & Drills sessions.


Kathy Parr, Secretary


The Secretary takes minutes of the TVPBC’s scheduled monthly Board meetings and special or emergency meetings, and shall distribute copies as soon as possible to the Board for review and approve at the next scheduled meeting. In the event of his/her absence, the Treasurer or any member that is designated by the President or Vice-President shall perform this function.

The Secretary also maintains historical records of the TVPBC, e.g., minutes, bylaws and revisions, pickleball policies and procedures, and other formal documents of the TVPBC necessary for historical purposes. The minutes taken at special or emergency meetings called for discussion of personnel matters closed to the membership of the Club shall be retained in a confidential manner, separate from all other minutes.

Kelly Bryan, Social Director


Our Social Director plans all-level social events at the courts, creates and posts flyers for events, orders chairs and tables, organizes volunteers to help at the event, and creates simple menus for lunches. Generally, there are 4 to 5 events per year. The director also plans the volunteer luncheon at the end of the year and updates the information board at the courts.