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Pickleball Rules

Pickleball Rules

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January 2023 USA Pickleball Rule Book

Correcting Server, Receiver and Player Position Errors (4.B.9)
Incorrect server, receiver, and player position errors are no longer faults. A referee will make the correction before calling the score.

Apparel (2.G.1/2.G.4)
Apparel similar to the color of the ball can be a distraction. A Tournament Director may ask offending players to change apparel in a “non-chargeable time-out.”

Spin Serve (4.A.5)
The server cannot manually add spin to the ball on a serve. Only the paddle can add spin.

Replay or Fault on the Serve (4.A.6/4.A.9)
The referee can stop rally play if the serve is in question. If the serve violates the serve requirements, the referee stops play and calls a fault.

Player Questions about Correct Server, Receiver or Position (4.B.8)
A player may question the correctness of a server, receiver, or player position before the serve. The opponent must respond.

Wrong Score Called (4.K)
Play may be stopped if the wrong score is called. The interruption must occur before the serve is returned. If play is stopped after return of serve, the player stopping play is at fault. Also, a fault occurs when a player stops play to ask for a correction. The question must be asked before the ball is served.

Equipment Time-Out (10.D)
Equipment changes and adjustments do not require use of an “equipment time-out.”


January 2024  USAPA 2024 Rulebook

Correcting Server, Receiver and Player Position Errors (4.B.9)
Errors in server sequence or receiver position were eliminated.
If a player stops a rally to correct an error, the fault goes to the player who stopped the rally. If the rally has played out, the rally score stands.

Draping Net (2.C.6/11.L.5.b)
This rule applies to temporary nets. When a ball falls on a draped net, the point is replayed.

Catch or Carry Ball on the Paddle (7.L)
Catching a ball or carrying it on the paddle is a fault, whether or not accidental or deliberate.

Conceding a Rally (13.E.4/13.E.5)
The rule pertains to a referee call of a ball as out disputed by player(s). The point should be replayed. Opponents may concede the point if they believe they could not have returned the ball.

Medical Time-Outs (10.B.2.c)
A player using a medical time-out may add available time-outs after the 15 minutes “to allow more time before the player must retire from the match.”

Paddle Specifications (2.E.2/2.E.5.a/2.E.5.c)
See the rules book for paddle specifications.

Mini-Singles (12.O)
Rules for mini-singles are now covered in the rule book.

*Detailed explanations are available on the USA Pickleball Association web site linked above. The abbreviated explanations are tailored to our Club’s recreational play.

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