New Players

new Player

Welcome to Tellico Village

New to Pickleball or Experienced Player new to Tellico Village? Either way, WELCOME to the Tellico Village Pickleball Club.

new Player

Orientation Classes

Our introductory class gives new players a basic understanding of the game and provides them with the skills necessary to play. The classes are free, and we provide all the necessary pickleball equipment.

The class is open only to Tellico Village Property owners or residents. You must be a member of the Recreation Department or pay the Recreation daily fee.

There are two class sessions, both held at the Wellness Center pickleball courts. These are required for new players. The initial session will be held on a Monday, and the second and final session will be held the following Wednesday. The dates of the class sessions will be determined by signup demand. 

At the end of the final session, you will be assigned a skill level based on observations of your play by the volunteer instructors and a lead instructor.

  • Sign up for the New Player Orientation Class by going to the Tellico Village Facility Scheduling webpage:  Select “Wellness Pickleball Courts.” then “Wellness Pickleball Orientation.” Choose your desired date (only available dates will appear) and complete the requested information. Be sure to click “Complete Reservation.”
  • The Training Director will contact you by email and assign dates for your class. 
  • Please be on time for sessions and notify the  Training Director in advance if you are unable to attend your scheduled class sessions.
  • Shorts, a t-shirt and good court shoes (no running shoes) are suggested. Do remember to bring water, especially on hot days.
  • Please wear a name tag if you have one.


Experienced Player

If you have prior Pickleball experience, email the Evaluations Director with your name, email, phone number, and current rating (if you have one). 

The director will assess your play and give you a designated placement so that you will be playing with players at your level. Our Skill Assessment page explains the rating system.