Court Schedule

  Below are 2 Court Schedules — one for the current schedule for courts 9-12 ONLY until October 2, 2023 and the other for courts 9-12 and the temporary courts 1-4 at Chota, beginning October 2, 2023 until the courts 1-8 resurfacing is complete.  These schedules are due to the resurfacing of courts 1-8, projected completion date of November 17, 2023.  Actual court schedules may vary based on special events, tournaments, POA maintenance schedules, etc…

How To Read Court Schedule

1. Understanding the Weekly Schedule

a. TVPBC revises the play schedule to better provide for seasonal play and thus it changes throughout the year.
b. TV follows the numeric rating levels in .5 increments from 2.0 to 4.0+
c. Each level of play has at least one 2-hour session daily.
d. Each level of play has one 2-hour Skills and Drills (SD on the schedule) per week. This is our in-house training and requires you to sign up for the class on the Wellness Center website.
e. We also provide more competitive play each week – with Round Robin format play. See RR on the schedule for your skill rating level.

2. Open to Reserve – OTR

There are times the schedule shows OTR. OTR represents times that can be reserved by Wellness Center Members and this can be accomplished by signing onto the Wellness Center site and clicking on Wellness Center pickleball courts – and then reserving a court
and time.

3. Other Activities:  There are other activities and times shown on the schedule. These include:

a. Mixed Doubles – bring your partner and enjoy the play.
b. Ladies only play
c. Dinking game – yes we stop banging sometimes!!!
d. Vets Play – a small way of saying thanks to those who served
e. Orientation – we block out a Monday and the following Wednesday on the 1 st and 3 rd Mondays for providing new player orientation

4. In general – find your level of play – come on out – no sign-up needed EXCEPT FOR Skills and Drills and Orientation.